Buckingham Solid NZ Heart Rimu Couch

Capture regal elegance with the lovingly hand-crafted Buckingham Solid NZ Coloured Heart Rimu Couch.

Choosing a casket is one of the last ways to honour and show your respects to you or your loved one.  If you want to celebrate your loved one with the best of the best, take a look at the Buckingham Solid NZ Coloured Heart Rimu Couch from the Buckingham casket range by Windsor Industries.

Our inhouse master craftsman, Ming, handcrafts NZ’s most premium casket – the Buckingham couch.  (A couch is an oblong shaped coffin.)

This couch is intricately crafted with love; it takes Ming a week to get the raw timber to an assembled couch. It then undergoes five more processes, including grain filling and surface preparation, before the final high gloss coats are added. These processes take a further week.

This Buckingham couch is made from beautiful New Zealand Coloured Heart Rimu.  This is the jewel of our native timbers.  Rimu heart timber comes from the inside of the trunk and has a lot of colour and character.  This Buckingham is NZ’s most premium casket using native timber.

Every time a Buckingham couch is purchased, Windsor Industries donates a native tree to be planted in a reserve as a living memorial.

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