Lincoln Solid NZ Rimu

The Lincoln Solid NZ Rimu casket is exquisite due to the timber that is used for manufacturing: River Rimu.

River Rimu is unique due to its age and where it is found, at the bottom of a lake or river. During the years it has spent there, it has taken on a unique colour and patina. This salvaged wood is not only stunning, but also part of our commitment to the environment.  The Lincoln range is also part of our Living Memorials program with Trees That Count, making this casket a perfect vessel for someone looking an environmentally conscious option that is beautiful and has a unique story to tell.

The Lincoln Solid NZ River Rimu casket is made by our skilled craftsmen with added stylish routed detailing.  It comes with an elegant, raised lid in a high gloss lacquer.

Handles pictured are not included.  A full trimming service is available.

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6'1" x 22" x 12" , 6'4" x 24" x 14"

River Rimu

River Rimu

To make this casket, Windsor Industries work with Sorenmobler, a family business in Whanganui, who recover Rimu from New Zealand rivers to use in their furniture.

Watch Sorenmobler‘s video below to learn about the fascinating process in which this Rimu is recovered.