Dorset Pāua Contemporary Featured Rimu Raised Lid

The Dorset Pāua Contemporary is a Featured Rimu casket with a minimal Pāua design, perfect for honouring heritage and being contemporary at the same time. 

Knotty Rimu:

The quality timber is the star of this casket: its character shining through.

Knotty Rimu timber is used to produce these beautiful caskets.  This grade is not used by the flooring or furniture industry and is therefore a by-product which would be otherwise discarded.

NZ Pāua design:

The casket is made even more beautiful by the NZ Pāua line design.  The standards for harvesting are set and strictly managed by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries.  Pāua fishery is one of the only sustainably managed abalone fisheries in the world.  The Pāua (New Zealand Abalone) is from its natural ocean environment – it is wild, not farmed.

The Pāua used in these caskets is collected by divers who have a quota licence from the New Zealand Government.  The Pāua is gently lifted off the rock using a hand-held knife by qualified free divers.

The Pāua is manufactured into a decorative veneer.  The shell laminate is specially bonded thin slices of shell and coated with a urethane finish.

We know you will enjoy the richness and beauty of our new Dorset Pāua range with the additional peace of mind you are not adversely impacting on our beautiful New Zealand environment.

*Please note:  The Pāua strip on the lid is an optional extra and is not automatically added, please see add-ons below for pricing.


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Natural Burials + Trees That Count

Natural Burials + Trees That Count

Natural Burials:

The Dorset is also perfect for those who honour the environment, as this range is suitable for natural burials.

Trees That Count Living Memorials:

By purchasing a casket from the Dorset range, we will donate a native tree to be planted in a reserve as a living memorial through Trees That Count.