Investing in a clean future

In this ever-evolving world, Windsor understand that to stand still is to be left behind. Therefore, they are investing in ways to operate in a fully sustainable manner, including reducing waste, developing new environmental products, and challenging the traditional methods of manufacture. For every solid timber casket purchased, we will donate a native tree to be planted in a reserve as a living memorial. The team at Windsor Industries pride themselves in the way they serve the Funeral Industry; their goal is to always exceed customer expectations.

Environmental Choice
New Zealand

All pine is grown in fully sustainable plantations and all materials and processes used in production are completely sustainable.

We have traced the raw materials back to their sources in various corners of the globe to ensure they do not damage or endanger our wonderful planet or those who live in it. This has enabled us to receive the official ECNZ label for our Waterford range of pine caskets. Windsor is the first and only casket maker in NZ to meet these requirements.

Natural Burials
Living Memorials

Our Waterford, Waterford-Kaimanawa and Dorset ranges are fully certified for use in natural burial cemeteries. All caskets are required to meet Natural Burials’ strict standards requiring locally sourced untreated timber, minimal metal fixings, water-based timber glues, natural material linings and handles. Natural Burials were impressed by Windsor’s dedication to ensuring the background of all the components of their eco caskets were thoroughly assessed.

Windsor supports
Trees That Count

For every solid timber casket purchased, we will donate a native tree to be planted in a reserve as a living memorial.  We provide a certificate to be given to the families. We also have the facility to set up individual memorial tree registries with Trees that Count. By doing so, we are ensuring we are helping to provide a better place for coming generations to live in.

Windsor Industries has supported native reserves since 2020.
With 500 trees planted to date

Waste Reduction
Briquette Production

Our dust extraction system is being upgraded to include a purpose-built briquette maker which recycles the dust from the extraction unit with the shavings from the shredder into fire bricks (briquettes).

This will eliminate up to 90% of our waste product.