Traditional Carved Urn

A Māori carved urn, adorned with traditional hand carved Puhoro design, symbolizing a speedy journey for loved ones who have passed. This beautiful carved Rosewood-finish urn is unique to Windsor Industries and made in partnership with Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre.

This urn matches the Waka Moenga carved casket.

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About the Waka Moenga

About the Waka Moenga

This urn matches our Waka Moenga casket.

The beautiful Waka Moenga was created by our team of talented craftsmen and the traditional Māori carvers at Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre’s Whare Whakairo (carving studio). The components are cut in our Pahiatua factory then transported to Mt Bruce for carving. Each piece is lovingly hand-carved during the following week.  The traditional Puhoro design symbolises a speedy journey to the next realm. Once complete, the carved components are transferred back to Pahiatua to be assembled and given a stunning glossed rosewood finish. This majestic casket sparkles with a deep red glow when exposed to the sunlight; the ultimate sleeping vessel ready to embark on its next journey.