Coffins and caskets are shaped differently.  A coffin is made from six panels, two at the side.  A casket is made from four panels, the side panels are curved.  Also the top of a coffin is wider than the bottom.

Inquire from your local funeral home.  We supply the NZ funeral industry.

We deliver to all of NZ.  Visit our delivery and locations page for more info.

We make caskets from sustainable pine, recycled rimu, heart rimu, Macrocarpa as well as imported timbers such as mahogany and oak.

We handcraft New Zealand’s most premium couches – the Buckingham Range.  These highly polished couches are available in traditional solid timbers such as Rimu, Mahogany and Oak. It takes approximately two weeks to manufacture and gloss our world class Buckingham couch.

Yes!  We have a mixing room which provides us the ability to colour match paint to any memorabilia.

No, we have a range of finishes including the Somerset special effects range which has a pearl sparkle finish.

Yes we have urns available with a stunning Paua feature for a touch of elegance.

We are the only NZ casket manufacture who meet the requirements for the Environmental Choice label.  We also donate native trees which are planted in reserves throughout NZ.  Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste product to as close to zero as possible.  Read more about this on our sustainability page.

We can supply wooden handles at an extra charge.

Yes,we have a white Kilkenny casket which can be fitted with side sets and handles at an extra charge.

No, we have the latest technology which allows us to produce caskets more efficiently, so that we can fulfil our customers’ orders quickly.

We stock a selection of oversize caskets which cover most requirements; however we can custom build to size. We generally allow up to 24 hours to produce a custom built casket after you have placed the order.

No,this product is water based and fully certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand and contains no harmful substances.

We deliver free of charge in zones one and two unless it is a special request out of our normal delivery schedule.

Weekly in both zone one and two.  We also can arrange deliveries outside of regular schedules or to other areas.